I lack the technological means of doing this but from 5:44 to 6:02 there is something I would like to point out, the music.

Most of us has seen the kiss from “Always” (Episode 4.23) where Castle and Beckett kiss. With those who also obsessed with the music, the famous piano motif that builds to the moment of passion is a very noticeable piano scene.

During this special scene that leads to the pool scene, I heard a musical reference to the original piece, which I will call the Caskett lief motif (a single theme that represents a person or event, connecting the story with the music, see Siegfried motif).

Composer John Williams is well known for using the lief motif (what we like to call theme song, like the Imperial March). This is music done right, when we can identify a coming scene not by the writing or the camera work but the music. Robert Duncan knows what he is doing.



everyday :)

Well who doesn’t??

You can’t ship what isn’t already meant to be.

We have seen the previews for Castle, at least if you’re a fan you have and I am afraid of fangirl Gates. Her character has long been a firm counterpoint to Castle’s youthful tendencies but I think that fangirl Gates is Jumping the Shark in terms of the character. 

Now, the character has been due to thaw out and relax but this sudden outburst of interest and fandom that she has is in extreme contrast of the original character of “After the Storm”. Mainly, I’m afraid that the character might go astray of the original too far. There needs to be a good amount of softening of her character but I, personally, feel that this is excessive.

-Pseudo Castle

I am a man and I am have watched After the Storm more than I have watched DW since it came back. (Four times so far)

I’m working on an essay analyzing “After the Storm”. I predict that no one will care.


Kate Beckett, ladies and gentlemen.

Gotta love the slide she does.


Kate Beckett, ladies and gentlemen.

Gotta love the slide she does.


Castle Season 5 Morning After Scene EW 

I am done. Honestly, can’t. Nope. This is too much. Even for me. I’m writing in staccato… I’m done!





I bring you Fancy Beckett. 

This is what I did with my Friday night.  I was only going to do 1 but got carried away and made like 5.  I’ll post the other 3 later. 

holy mother of god i’m dying.

Awh so cute! 



I can see this now. Castle comes to the station and then stops, stunned by Fancy Beckett, “Well, I’ve always Fancied you.” 

I think that she is actually an amazingly attractive woman, she has a spark here that somehow she is special and the look in her eyes draws me in.

As a guy, her eyes are what attracts me most because they have a warmth and a strength to her… that I can’t resist.

I wish I had a Stana/Kate Beckett…